Feb 22, 2013; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies forward Tayshaun Prince (21) is fouled by Orlando Magic forward Kyle O

Reviewing The New Guys So Far

It’s been over a month since the Grizzlies traded Rudy Gay to the Raptors, and the results have been pretty solid. While the Grizz’s winning streak ended at the hands of the Miami heat last night, they are still 9-4 since the deal. Let’s take a look at how the three newest members of the Grizzlies have looked since coming over in late January.

Tayshaun Prince

Prince isn’t as skilled offensively as Gay was, but he’s a better fit for this group. He doesn’t take a particularly high number of shots, but he has a knack for knowing when it’s the right time to put one up. He’s also an excellent defender – maybe not quite what he was in his peak years with the Pistons, but still pretty solid. It wasn’t his fault that LeBron hit the game-sealing jumper over him last night, he played it as well as he could. The one disappointing thing about Prince is that he’s almost been too much of a minimalist with regards to his offensive production. It’s great that he doesn’t hog the ball like Gay was known to, but still, it would be cool if he could get into double figures a little more often. Still, seems like a quality pickup so far, and I look forward to watching him in the playoffs, where his ample experience will surely come in handy.

Grade: B

Austin Daye

Daye felt like the most inconsequential player that the Grizzlies received in the trade, but so far he’s done far more than most would have guessed, being an extremely efficient scorer off the bench. His knack for hitting the three-ball is a huge plus for a team that needs whatever help it can get in that department, and he’s already hit double figures three times, including Wednesday’s win over the Mavericks, when he put in 10 in just the first quarter. A player who looked like a mere afterthought has become a valuable role player for the Grizzlies. As odd as it seems, Daye may end up being the biggest positive of the trade for Memphis, if only because of how much he’s exceeded expectations.

Grade: A

Ed Davis

Well, when he’s actually played, he’s looked pretty good, like when he had four blocks and 14 points against the Pistons, but as we’ve covered before, Davis hasn’t seen a lot of action since coming over, and he’s currently averaging less than 10 minutes per game. those who followed Davis in Toronto, or have caught glimpses of him in Memphis know that he is an extremely talented player. Unfortunately, until we start seeing Davis in a greater role, it will be impossible to really understand what he brings to this team.

Grade: Incomplete

So far, things look pretty good for this deal. The Grizzlies don’t miss Gay’s offensive production, and every new player has had some excellent moments so far. Prince and Daye both look like great acquisitions, and the only reason we can’t rave about Davis is because he still hasn’t been given a chance. When he gets his shot, we’ll all understand what a highly talented young player he is. All in all, this deal looks pretty good right about now.


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