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Occupy Beale Street-We Are The 13%

My friends, it’s time to take a stroll outside FedEx Forum arena and Occupy Beale Street. Last year, the Memphis Grizzlies were one of the four grandest teams in the league. They achieved Western Conference Finals entry in a splendid manner, that unfortunately concluded in being swept by the hard heeled San Antonio Spurs. That might be a sublime achievement for some living in outsourced NBA territories like Toronto, but we hold a sophisticated understanding of the league. Being top four in a league of thirty makes us part of the top 13%. We are the 13%, and it is absolutely repugnant. For too long, we have adorned our proud Grizzlies with lavish cries of unconditional fanhood. We have turned many a blind eye to their coy financial dealings in the process. Is this what Grizz Nation fancies, to live as prey instead of predator? No. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

Shall we accept the royal crown’s might, as they trade worthy knights to the cause like Sir Rudy Gay of Baltimore? Is King Hollinger the Third, worthy of wearing the crown of Vice President of Operations, while keeping our infantry mired in perimeter shooting-less mediocrity? All in vain effort to save a few shillings and aggressively push forward the doctrine of PER (Player Efficiency Rating) as economic policy. He is but a talented mathematician without true experience in the battlefield. We cannot pattern our futures on what’s scribbled hastily in ink rather than what we view with thy own eyes. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

My friends, it is time we stop dancing in the splendor of being top four. As the only important numeral in our lives shall be the number one. We cannot sit forth and allow the crown to shift ever backwards in the treadmill of NBA life. Our Grizzlies squadron is merely sufficient when it could be overstocked. We pose challenge instead of fear. Is this the path we desire? No. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

Are we to accept such a fate as to be entertained by NBA Game Time on our iPads? While our fellow brother Seth Curry cannot even retain employment? Never. Our crown’s ten-day contracts are the new league internships. How much experience shall a solider forge in a minor four minutes of gameplay? He will steadfast remain unemployed. The crown has proven proficient at drafting foreigners for our rebounding services at a fraction of the price. Those soldiers now work for our rivals the Oklahoma City Thunder. The name Hasheem Thabeet, shall forever be remembered as the plight of outsourcing talent. Do we yearn for outsiders to provide what our NBDL Graduates can bestow? No. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

Meanwhile, the monarchy advances in removing so-called obstacles like noble Zach Randolph’s contract. Our most coveted franchise symbol has been reduced to trade rumors and a contract extension-less future. Is this how we treat our own? After they literally give their shirt off their back? No. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

Our once proud and heralded Memphis Grizzlies currently sit at 0.500. We cannot allow ourselves to sit gingerly any longer. The monarchy must be revamped. It must expand dealings to fit our needs, instead of their own. Otherwise, this squadron is doomed to fade away into NBA obscurity like the ghost of the Milwaukee Bucks. Is this what Grizzlies fans have cried out for? No. Our people must Occupy Beale Street.

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