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Grizzlies Sign Darius Morris to Ten Day Deal

Stop the presses! The Grizzlies have signed Darius Morris to a 10-day contract to fill in for the injured Mike Conley Jr. Naturally, this power shifting move resulted in a victory last night against the Mavs…. Oh wait, no it didn’t.

The Grizzlies remain just on the fringe of 8th seed. The loss made certain that if a tie breaker comes into play against the Mavericks. The Grizzlies will lose it. But hey, those are the breaks. In 7 minutes Morris put up an assist and a turnover. Things were looking up, Coach Joerger thought this is it, this is the guy I’ve been looking for. He decided to give Morris a shot attempt. That’s right folks! One shot attempt to decide the rest of Morris’ stay in Memphis. He said ‘Morris go out there and chuck a three like J.R Smith at a Knicks playoff game’, it was then Morris missed. Darius Morris, promptly went back to the bench to think over why he would miss. It was indeed a bleak day for Grizzlies fans.

Darius Morris, previously had a stay over on the Clippers, Sixers, and Lakers. He is a true league journey man, looking to get featured like Kevin Ollie before him. During his run on the Sixers he averaged 6.9 points, 1.1 rebounds, and 2.6 assists! Morris clearly has potential. With a unique ten day contract, perhaps this is Morris’ time to shine. Maybe these will be the best ten days of Morris career, where he breaks through and leads the Grizzlies to the same type of success the Sixers have.

The ten-day contract is the new internship in the NBA, where you get to accomplish important on the court duties like waiting to be called back to the bench. We truly do live in a progressive era. The next generation of NBA is here my friends!

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