Dave Joerger: Postgame Conference Transcript (Grizzlies/TimberWolves)


Apr 26, 2014; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger looks on during game four of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs against the Oklahoma City Thunder at FedExForum. Thunder defeated the Grizzlies 92-89. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Joerger:

We really executed. The chemistry between Mike Conley, Marc, Zach and Tony is really evident in tight situations and close games. We executed and made plays. We got stops when we needed too. We only gave up 6 offensive rebounds in the second half which was much better than the first half. We turned the ball over too much. But you know the stars were the stars. Marc, Zach, Tony and Mike played great. Courtney Lee got going a little bit in the second half and gave us a shot in the arm in the second half offensively.

Question: There was a lot of unselfish play from your guys tonight and I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the ball movement and the offense in general.

Dave Joerger: It was good, they doubled. They tried to clamp and come down on the post. They were doubling and we’re moving the basketball well. When that happens it gets contagious. I thought we missed a lot of open shots when we did that. But you can’t fault when the shots go in and you believe that’s gonna happen for you. That’s positive for us.

You know it’s an emotional game. They know we haven’t won in thirteen years. They know. I’m not trying to make a big huge deal of it throughout the course of the last week or so. We’ve made mention of it. I didn’t want it to be the big thing. Now that it’s over and since we won. We should feel good about that and I’m very happy.

Question: There’s so much made about the two bigs. Just talk about their performance tonight. Zbo was so great starting and then Marc just took over. I know the T-Wolves didn’t have a way to defend them size wise tonight. But they were just so impressive tonight.

Dave Joerger: They did a great job. Hats off to Thaddeus Young. Because the way he tried to defend Zach was to go at him at the other end. It’s so difficult for true power forwards to play small forwards. Thaddeus is a three. Zach got going early. He threw the ball away on the first possession but then got dialed in. Marc took the ball to the basket with force. Those guys will get rewarded in the future with more free throws. Marc shot ten free throws tonight, that’s fantastic.

Question: Your starters played normal time in the first quarter. You got your subs in and they struggled a bit. Third quarter you played the starters the whole time. What was your strategy in the second half with the starting unit?

Dave Joerger: Try to save them for the second half in the first half. So i could play them longer minutes then. If the second unit couldn’t give us more of a shot in the arm. We took two starters out, we were up 19-11 and it went bad from then on. But the second unit will find their identities. They’re used to playing with Nick Calathes who plays a certain way. Beno plays a different way. It will continue to get better.

Question: Obviously the bench unit struggled. How much was it them having an off night vs them getting used to playing in that second unit together?

Dave Joerger: I try to take Mike and Marc out early, so you can get the reserves in early with the starters. Try to mix them in. Vince is gonna find his rhythm. We need him to be a playmaker in the second group.

Question: You didn’t give Kosta a lot of minutes tonight. Was that size match ups or another reason?

Dave Joerger: I thought Marc was pretty good tonight, so I went with Marc.

Question: Do what do you attribute the TimberWolves offensive rebounding?

Dave Joerger: They do a great job of cutting, three to four guys to the glass. We talked at half time it’s not just about Marc and Zach to take them all on in rebounding. Our guards have to rebound better. If our bigs run, our guards run.

Question: You guys dominated inside. Did you feel dominating them in the post was they key to defeat the TimberWolves?

Dave Joerger: We try to do that every night, that’s who we are. It has to be. Teams in the West have a lot of skill and spacing. They’re gonna try to stretch you out. We have to go inside. Size down on small ball.

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