How did you become a Memphis Grizzlies fan?


The writers from Beale Street Bears came together and gave their story on when and how they became a Memphis Grizzlies fan. We encourage all of our readers to comment below and let us know when you became a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Staff Writers

Christian Dudley – “When I began watching the NBA heavily in 2003, I enjoyed watching the Memphis Grizzlies because of their teamwork, team colors/logo, and of course Pau Gasol. Today they are an even better team from top to bottom. FedExForum is an incredible arena; plus, since I am from Indiana, I am partial to the three Indiana natives on the Grizzlies’ roster–Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, and Courtney Lee. It has been an exciting journey being a Grizzlies’ fan, and a literal rollercoaster ride at times, but I have loved every minute of it. I am hopeful a trophy can be hoisted on Beale Street in the near future!”

Ben Parker – “I have family who lives in Memphis and before I joined Beale Street Bears I visited the city of Memphis and really enjoyed it. I grew up as a fan of the Utah Jazz, so I’ve always pulled for small market teams. When I got the opportunity to write for Beale Street Bears, it was really easy for me to embrace the Grizzlies’ and become a fan.”

Nir Regev – “Allen Iverson. Though he only played three games for the Grizzlies, Iverson is my favorite basketball player of all time. I was a 76er fan for many years, it was upon his arrival to the Denver Nuggets and later Memphis Grizzlies, that I realized what I’ve always known. I’m a player fan first, team fan second. It’s not as much about the team for me as the individuals on it. A team is only as special as its player roster. It’s not a bandwagoning thing. In fact, for me a team does not have to be the best necessarily, it just has to feature my favorite players. I want to see the players I’m a fan of succeed. Cheering players I’m not a fan of just because the front of their jersey is not my cup of tea. Coincidently, one of my favorite players Zach Randolph was now on the Memphis Grizzlies. 

I’d previously enjoyed watching Jason Williams, Pau Gasol and Mike Bibby on the Grizzlies over the years. It was around 2011, when I found myself cheering for the Grizzlies to upset the Spurs. A team I’ve been always been a fan of over the years because of Duncan and Ginobili, that I realized I was now also a Grizzlies fan. I wanted to see Randolph succeed and prove to the league the type of player he was. I’d been a fan of Randolph since the infamous Portland Trailblazers vs Dallas Mavericks 2002 playoff series where he single handily almost upset the Mavericks after being down 0-3.  I wanted to see Marc Gasol succeed and he’s become a first-rate player. I’ve become a fan of Mike Conley’s excellent play over the years. The team’s emphasis on defense always reminds me of the Larry Brown era Sixers in many ways. All they need is that one ISO shooting guard on the perimeter, and they’d be unstoppable.”


Ken Newhouse – I was born and raised in St. Louis, and grew up as a Mizzou basketball fan.  I was always a fan of college basketball, and not so much the NBA. My favorite player from the University of Missouri back in 2009 was drafted 27th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies. DeMarre Carroll was my favorite college player, and I told myself that whichever NBA team picked him up I would follow them closely.  I started watching the Grizzlies’ and became a big fan of Zach Randolph. I was fully invested in the NBA once the 2011 playoffs rolled around. The Memphis Grizzlies have been a part of my life ever since, and sooner or later I expect a championship banner to be hoisted in FedExForum.”

Stay tuned as we’ll have more from our other editor Xan Nikchevich. Merry Grizzmas and happy holiday’s to all of our readers!