Bill Simmons announces that Chris Vernon has joined ‘The Ringer’


Chris Vernon was not without a job for long. According to a series of tweets from The Ringer founder Bill Simmons, the recently deposed Memphis radio host will be joining the Ringer as an NBA/College Football analyst.

First, shoutout Simmons! Simmons has done an excellent job both at Grantland and at The Ringer at consolidating top-shelf NBA writing talent. He’s now expanding into a killer unexploited area by many websites: podcasting. Simmons’ podcasts vary from Boston-oriented talks with his dad to excellent podcasts with a bevy of who’s who in the sporting world. Hopefully, this means Vernon will be bringing his patented attitude and style to a format that is easily consumable for most people.

The downside will obviously be the likely lack of focus on Grizzlies basketball. Vernon will be covering the entire NBA for The Ringer and will be less likely to spend a lot of time on Memphis as he has to spread his time across hot takes and league wide discussion. That being said, maybe he can squeeze in a podcast for Grizz nation (unlikely). More likely is that he will be asked to speak on Grizzlies podcasts.

Though, perhaps Vernon can still have find work in the local market, as he has no plans of leaving Memphis. How that impact will come is still unknown. Though, he does plan to attend the Grizzlies’ media day.

Who fills the void?

Once again, a huge congratulations to Vernon. He will be a resounding success and will be able to spread his wings as a big time podcast host for the Ringer. He will carve at a (large) niche and I really, really. look forward to his new podcasts. But, who fills the void for the Grizzlies? ESPN 92.9 needs to get on finding someone to replace that connection Vernon had with the Grizzlies faithful. This is a huge season of Memphis basketball and it needs a voice to go with it. (They also better find someone that Tony Allen loves as much as Chris Vernon.)

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