Memphis Grizzlies re-sign JaMychal Green on two-year deal

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 16: JaMychal Green
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 16: JaMychal Green /

The Memphis Grizzlies will keep their starting power forward for at least two more years. What does this new deal mean, and is it the best deal Green could’ve received?

After much debate and conversation, the wait is over: the Memphis Grizzlies have re-signed JaMychal Green on a two-year, $17 million deal. It was originally reported that Memphis had been in discussion with Green on a two-year deal, however, the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Green is back on Beale Street. He has grown as a player with the Grizzlies and should be considered a vital piece of the team’s future.

While this deal makes all the sense in the world for the Grizzlies, one has to wonder if this is the most Green could’ve gotten out of a new deal. JaMychal Green is what most fans will refer to as a ‘stretch-4’ in today’s game. He’s a decent shooter, can attack the rim, and is a serviceable passer for his size.

There are plenty of teams that could’ve used Green’s services, but it sounds like the market wasn’t that hot for the young forward. The only teams that were said to have interest were the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs (as a back-up). The team even once pondered sign-and-trade scenarios involving him.

Looking ahead

This also is interesting on another front – did the Grizzlies want to re-sign Green or did the team cave because they couldn’t afford to lose him. My guess is somewhere in between.

If Memphis really wanted to keep Green, why not offer more money and/or years originally? Why did it take until almost literally the last second to agree to terms? Only signing him to a two-year deal seems like the Grizz aren’t fully committed to Green.

As for Green, perhaps he was forced a bit as well. Teams already the majority of their guaranteed roster spots locked up. Should Green have signed the Qualifying Offer (worth about $2.8 million), it would’ve left a lot of money on the table… not to mention a lot of big men signed long-term deals this offseason.

Overall, aside from the finances, this is a smart move for both sides. Green still has much to prove and Memphis provides great opportunities to do so. With the team expected to waive Jarell Martin, the 4-position becomes thinner. Green will have plenty of chances to showcase his skills, hopefully convincing the team to sign him long-term after these next two years are up.

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The Grizzlies have over 15 guaranteed contracts, so the team will still have to shed some guaranteed money, so look out for roster moves in the coming weeks. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m happy he’s back with the team.

Welcome back, JaMychal Green!