Memphis Grizzlies: The 2018-19 season begins

Anticipation has been building for months it seems for the Memphis Grizzlies and their fans. 60 losses and watching the tank race led the Grizzlies to this moment.

Elliot Perry, minority owner, director of player support and his friend Courtney Love, an eighth grader from Grizzlies prep would sit proudly representing the city of Memphis. Anticipation continued to build through the thirty minute show, that no one anticipated, and then the picks started rolling in.

At first it was the first four, and the Denver Nuggets started off at number 14, and the one by one everyone’s nerves got tighter and tighter. All along it was clear that the Grizzlies wouldn’t get the number one pick, but it was fun to hope, right? The Los Angeles Clippers snagged two picks in the draft lottery this year, but if your Memphis, you can not be mad about getting the fourth pick on June 21st.

Although the fans only wanted a top three pick, taking a fourth in the 2018 NBA draft is not bad. Guys like Micheal Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley, and Trae Young are great choices for Memphis. All of those guys will be available at number four and could play a huge role in the Grizzlies success moving forward.

Who should the Grizzlies take?

Asking me that question and then asking General Manager Chris Wallace that question, would be different. I’ll give you an answer, but Wallace seems more focused on Chicago Italian food. I would say that the Grizzlies take Trae Young, and then if not Young take Bagley.

Matt Moore of CBS said that the Grizzlies “should go all in on Trae Young, and risk it all. It either looks bad, or they’re geniuses for taking the chance.