NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies’ Pick Relies Upon Phoenix Suns’ Move

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Beale Street Bears sits down with two Phoenix Suns experts in order to gauge the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 NBA Draft.

The moment you think you know how the NBA Draft will play out, you begin to doubt your own picks. There has been several hoops prospects popularly mentioned in the same sentence as the No. 1 overall pick over the course of the past few months. Even now, nothing is set in stone.

The only guarantee with the first pick is that it belongs to the Western Conference’s Phoenix Suns. For Phoenix, it has seemed as if Arizona’s Deandre Ayton will be the top selection. However, why did the Suns elect to hire a new head coach that has strong ties to European prospect Luka Doncic?

Doncic has been a popular name associated with the Memphis Grizzlies, the franchise picking at the fourth overall position. It is not just rumors; there happens to be mutual interest between the two parties. However, will he be available by the time it is the Grizzlies’ turn on the clock?

There will be plenty of talent for Memphis to ponder over at the No. 4 pick. It looks to be a very deep Draft class. Regardless, they absolutely need to hit it big with this pick. Given Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace’s selection history, it may not be worth sacrificing good for great with this first round selection.

Before being able to decipher which prospect to pick, Memphis must know who is available after Phoenix, Sacramento, and Atlanta makes their respective choices. In order to gain some expert opinions and insight on the Phoenix Suns’ wants, wishes, and needs, Beale Street Bears asked four pressing questions to two experts for all things relative to the Phoenix Suns. BSB thanks the editor of Valley of the Suns, Lucas Johnson, and Hoops Habit‘s Editor-in-Chief, Gerald Bourguet, for providing their NBA Draft insight.

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