Memphis Grizzlies 2018-19 Roster Is A Perfect Mixture

Memphis Grizzlies Mike Conley (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
Memphis Grizzlies Mike Conley (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Memphis Grizzlies are coming into a crucial year following one of the biggest downfalls in franchise history last season. Offseason acquisitions make this team fun, yet competitive.

On Monday the Memphis Grizzlies took on their first real media since the end of last season, a year that would like to be forgotten by most. Among the major talking points was the Grizzlies odds in Vegas to win 33 games, a low bar set by most. Then, you had the future of the franchise in Jaren Jackson Jr., arguing about episodes of Ozark, and running to get the veterans their things for them.. Rookie hazing.

A locker room that seems like a happy one for the first time in years, and has an all around balance to it. Not that it hasn’t been happy throughout playoff runs, but a locker room also needs some great personality to it, and Jaren Jackson Jr., and several others bring that mentality.

Reminding these veterans why they play this game, and play it for fun. Of course, that is a humbling experience for veteran guys like Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, which the younger guys couldn’t guess their age correctly. “Uhm, 35,” Jackson Jr., responds to a question about Gasol’s age, looks at me and I do a gesture for ‘lower’ and then he continues “34, uh, 33!” Gasol is 33 years old, and apparently taking his daughter to school regularly according Jackson Jr., “Marc came into the locker room, and was looking sharp, and I was like OKAY Marc!” Marc told Jackson Jr., that he had just dropped his kid off at school.

Jackson looked at the media, and said “I can’t wait for the day I drop my kids off, like you guys have a good day, but get out!” Jackson Jr., said laughing in the media circle.

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See, every veteran on this roster that was asked about Jackson Jr., wasn’t critical on his personality, but was more expressive and thankful to have ‘that guy’ in their locker room. A guy that can come in after a back-to-back and still be excited, and make the locker room excited. Jaren’s personality is outstanding, and once his play starts showing to fans when the season starts, he might be the best overall pick the Draft.

Figuring in age, personality, teammate morale, and performance, Jackson Jr., is the full package. Rookie of the Year? It is a possibility, but he doesn’t have to, this game is a team sport, and to have guys like Gasol and Conley already behind him is huge.

Adding in Garrett Temple from the Sacramento Kings, who found out about his trade via one of the beat writers in Sacramento before he called his agent to Memphis. Temple isn’t just a “veteran guy for the bench” which many labeled when the trade happened, but makes things competitive for Dillon Brooks and MarShon Brooks at that two guard spot in training camp.

From what I can tell, the competition is healthy unless you’re Andrew Harrison who is taking things personal it seems based on his media day answers, or lack their of. I guess you have to take it personal if you’re Harrison because the Grizzlies stacked up on guys at his position, and that should say a lot about his job security. I like the serious nature of Harrison, who has been playing with a chip on his shoulder since day one.

Grizzlies Vice President of Basketball Operations John Hollinger said it best when looking at this roster to start the season verses last year at this time. The added depth to this roster is huge in a tough Western Conference. Hollinger also compared this season to the 13-14′ season when it took the Grizzlies to game 81 to clinch their spot in the NBA Playoffs because the talent on Western Conference teams is so good this season. A year that the West progressed, the Grizzlies did too.

Having depth, and a coach with a no nonsense attitude in terms of production on the floor, will have the fans seeing different faces each night. That is what Hollinger was referring to in terms of depth, if a guy is not producing on a certain night, it is the next man up. Not many teams can say that, and it fits what Grizzlies Head Coach J.B. Bickerstaff wanted in terms of guys are unselfish, hard working guys, who ultimately see more than ‘self’ in these games every night.

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A team that sacrifices for the next man, and understands their roles, and cares about one another. Everyone understood and could feel that vibe from the veterans all the way down to the 19 year old rookie. Players who love the game of basketball, the city, and each other feels a lot more than 33 wins this season, that is for sure.