Memphis Grizzlies: Kyle Anderson To Visit A Shoulder Specialist

The Memphis Grizzlies signed Kyle Anderson this past summer and he has played extremely well. He has missed some time due to injuries and he is now expected to visit a shoulder specialist.

Kyle Anderson has made a big impact on the Memphis Grizzlies this season and his 4 years, $37.2 million contract he signed this summer looks like a bargain.

You never like to see a player having to visit a shoulder specialist because we have all heard the drama surrounding Markelle Fultz. He went to see a shoulder specialist earlier this season and he still hasn’t played this season.

Fultz also has a very strange jump shot much like Anderson so that could be a concern. Anderson has been playing well recently and while his jumper hasn’t been pretty he has continued to improve his shot at the season has gone along.

He is able to be effective despite a struggling jump shot. The strength of his game has never been scoring the basketball, he has always prioritized doing the little things on the floor.

Anderson missed nine games after suffering an ankle sprain and after returning for just two games he missed Friday nights game in Charlotte and it now seems as if he will be out at least a little bit longer.

Which so much uncertainty surrounding the future of this team he is one of the few guys you can count on to be on the roster after the trade deadline.

He does a little bit of everything for this team as he averages 8 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. He also makes an impact on the defensive end with his 1.3 steals and 0.9 blocks per game.

His numbers will never jump off the chart but he shows each game how impactful he is. We have seen him put up big numbers a couple times this season though such as his first career triple-double against Brooklyn or when he tied his career high in scoring against Houston.

The triple-double for Anderson was really awesome to see for a player who doesn’t get the proper recognition for what he does for his teams. He is a very good player and I’m very glad he is in Memphis and despite the terrible final possession against Denver.

We all hope for the best for Anderson as he has been such a key part of this team and is one of the building blocks for this team going forward. If the Grizzlies were without him for an extended period of time it would be a huge loss.

This will be something to monitor going forward and hopefully, we can receive some clarity once the team returns to Memphis.