Report Card: Grading the Memphis Grizzlies’ 2018-19 Season in Its Entirety

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Memphis Grizzlies

Mike Conley Justin Holiday Jaren Jackson Jr. Avery Bradley Memphis Grizzlies (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

As the dust settles on another season of transition for the Memphis Grizzlies, Beale Street Bears hands out some grades in key areas.

While the NBA Playoffs cruise along toward a (likely) Golden State Warriors three-peat, the teams left in their wake must pick up the pieces. One such team are the Memphis Grizzlies, banished to the NBA Draft Lottery again after a near-decade of scrappy success and playoff runs.

A probably-needed housecleaning of their bench and front office has more or less closed the book on the Grizzlies’ 2018-19 season. Now come the next steps — namely finding a head coach, and the fateful NBA Draft Lottery.

Before we get to the Memphis Grizzlies’ prospects for success or failure in the official offseason, allow us to take a look back at how this season played out with the following Grizzlies Report Card.

We will be grading the Memphis Grizzlies’ overall performance in a few pivotal areas:

  • On-Court Performance
  • Asset Management
  • Player Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Cap Management

With the franchise stuck in the early stages of a rebuild — but not completely rudderless — this year’s grades are a bit of a mixed bag. Join Beale Street Bears as we break down the report card, and see why Chris Wallace is already grounded.

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