Memphis Grizzlies: Members of the Organization Congratulate Marc Gasol on Reaching NBA Finals

Many members of the Memphis Grizzlies organization were quick to reach out to Toronto’s Marc Gasol to congratulate him his latest NBA accomplishment.

The NBA Finals stage is set. The Toronto Raptors got exactly what they needed — Marc Gasol — from February’s NBA Trade Deadline transaction with the Memphis Grizzlies to reach the NBA Finals for the first time in their franchise’s history. It is also a first-time trip for Big Spain.

To say the least, congratulations were in order for Marc Gasol upon the Raptors’ 100-94 Game 6 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. After Toronto fell into an 0-2 series hole, they rallied to notch four consecutive victories to take the series on their home floor, avoiding a Game 7 in Milwaukee.

Of course the Memphis Grizzlies’ social media team reached out to Gasol moments after the final buzzer sounded. It was only right, especially since a large number of viewers hailing from Memphis, Tennessee were keeping an eye on this particular series all because of No. 33.

This was only the beginning. It became more personal as specific individuals began to reach out via social media. For instance, a former teammate of Marc Gasol — Memphis legend D.J. Stephens — was extremely happy to see Big Spain achieve the feat of winning the battle of the East.

Even Jason Wexler, who recently upgraded to the title of President of the Memphis Grizzlies organization, made sure to show appreciation and support of Marc Gasol.

Plus, there was the analytics guru known as John Hollinger, who definitely has had an infatuation with Marc Gasol over the years considering how impactful No. 33 is on both ends of the floor.

Though D.J. Stephens was one of the first players to congratulate Gasol, some of Marc’s other former teammates made sure to reach out. Mike Conley — Big Spain’s point guard counterpart from start to finish during their run together with the Memphis Grizzlies — was not a man of many words, but he let his emojis do all the talking. To say the least, he is incredibly proud of the big man.

In keeping the Memphis Grizzlies ties alive, former Grizz assistant coach Jason March (now with the Sacramento Kings) offered praise to Marc Gasol, who he helped develop, mentor, and coach over the years in Memphis.

Also important to note is Kyle Lowry — a former point guard of the Memphis Grizzlies — has also reached his first NBA Finals. This makes it even easier for Grizz Nation to cheer for and support the Raptors as they face the Golden State Warriors, who have zero former Grizzlies on their own roster. Mike Miller made sure to congratulate to both guys as both Lowry and Gasol were his teammates over the course of Miller’s two different stints with the Grizzlies.

Prior to the 2018-19 NBA season, Marc Gasol had assisted with the only Conference Finals trip in Memphis Grizzlies franchise history in addition to two trips to the Conference Semifinals. Now as a member of the Toronto Raptors, he has inched even closer to the ultimate goal of the NBA World Champion title. His now bound for the NBA Finals

When the Grizzlies and Raptors struck a deal to send Big Spain north of the border in February, it was a major risk for both teams, but especially on Toronto’s behalf. They knew they needed one more key piece — a veteran — to put them over the top. They were able to pry Gasol away from the Grizzlies, and now — almost four months later — the Raptors have confirmation that the deal was absolutely worth it.

Toronto has taken down the East’s top team in the Milwaukee Bucks, but it absolutely took everything in Marc Gasol’s power to boost his club. When he played poorly on both ends of the floor, the Raptors had no chance. After Game 2 of this Conference Finals series, he made adjustments and began to play more focused offense and he tightened things up on defense. Once thoser alterations were made by Marc, it is no surprise to see the Raptors prevail. He made sure he did not become the weakest link.

All the Toronto Raptors need is four more victories, though it is an incredibly tall task. They will need all of their weapons to be firing on all cyclinders, but especially Marc Gasol. He will be a huge X-factor in the NBA Finals — the biggest stage to date of his 11-season NBA career.

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Now that he has a lot of momentum plus all the confidence and support imaginable heading in his direction from Memphis, it is time for him to produce. The NBA Finals are when stars become legends. Which will Marc Gasol become?