NBA Draft 2019: Mock Draft 3.0

Zion Williamson RJ Barrett Memphis Grizzlies NBA Draft Prospects (Photo by Grant Halverson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)
Zion Williamson RJ Barrett Memphis Grizzlies NBA Draft Prospects (Photo by Grant Halverson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images) /
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Memphis Grizzlies NBA Draft Sekou Doumbouya
Memphis Grizzlies NBA Draft prospect Sekou Doumbouya (Photo by Patrick Albertini/EB via Getty Images) /

Limoges. Sekou Doumboya. 11. 86. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Forward. player

The Minnesota Timberwolves select a Paskal Siakam clone, in “lite” Zion Williamson’s body. Sekou Doumbouya stands 6’9″ and is reportedly around 240 pounds. He is currently in France, where he recently had a 34-point explosion, which coincidently came just in time to increase his draft stock.

Sekou has the skill to be a point-forward, as he runs the floor really well and looks to create for others when the rim does not offer itself. Sekou would give Minnesota the perfect archetype of a forward to pair with its franchise player Karl Anthony-Towns. Sekou is a guy who has the potential to switch positions one through five, especially three through five, which will help Towns, who tends to struggle in rotation and help defense. Sekou has broad shoulders and a bull chest, so he comes with an NBA-ready from Day One, especially in modern day play style.

On offense, Sekou shows potential as a shooter and he has a smooth shooting stroke, despite it being a tad bit slow with his shooting motion usually beginning from the chest. Sekou is a face-up forward who looks to create off the dribble from the perimeter to get to the rim. He is currently best in transition, which is where he favors Siakam most.

Sekou may not be a consistent shooter yet, but he is capable of scoring at all three levels and already looks to score from anywhere on the court, which is quite impressive for a forward his age. He moves well off the ball, not standing around waiting for the ball but cutting and creating space for the offense to score. He does not mind putting the ball on the floor, so he is comfortable handling the ball, although not perfect.

Not only can Sekou finish with either hand, but he also attacks and makes plays off the dribble with the right or left hand, decent explosion to get the first step on defenders, nice lift but not overly explosive. He shows potential as a point-forward mostly with his passes a la the curl and outlet passes to runners and cutters, but can use even more work on the handle to give him more court control and thus create more opportunities.

Improving his jumper of course creates more oppurtunites as well and Towns could use the creativity next to him in a very inefficient frontcourt. Sekou can play the two-man game with Towns at times and it gives them a potential secondary ballhandler, even if only in spurts a la Siakam. Sekou can use more floor general teaching, but the tools are there to become a big-time producer at the NBA level.