Memphis Grizzlies: Grading NBA Offseason So Far

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Memphis Grizzlies
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Grizzlies Trades

Memphis kick-started their hyperactive summer by shipping out a franchise icon, getting a very practical return from Utah. On top of a badly-needed first-rounder (albeit likely a low one), Memphis got back a ton of expiring deals; a virtual hall pass to financial freedom.

It set several other deals in motion while sending Conley to a likely contender. Mere days after Marc Gasol won a title, Memphis set their other franchise player up to do the same. Don’t think that sort of thing goes unnoticed by NBA stars.

Grade: B+

Phoenix’s motives are kind of unclear here. They’re saving bit of money by shrinking Jackson’s salary into Korver’s, and gaining another PG they’ve sorely lacked. But giving up two picks to do so, while also punting on any late blooming by Jackson, seems like a lot to unload. Probably an easy Memphis win.

Grade: A

The Grizzlies were the beneficiaries here of Golden State’s position: with a ton of money committed and in serious flux. Iguodala had to be salary dumped, and Memphis had carved out a bit of room to take him on, while also holding multiple trade exceptions.

The incoming former Finals MVP is an awesome veteran addition to help mold Memphis’ youngsters and doesn’t put them in a financial jam short-term. Pocketing cash and a future pick (the Warriors could be bad by then) only sweetens the haul.

Grade: B+

Memphis finally bought itself a one-way ticket off Chancun. This swap of expiring awful contracts accomplished two things:

  • It compartmentalized their expiring deals, increasing flexibility with potential trade partners when shopping the incoming space
  • It washed Memphis’ hands of a disastrous signing that killed Grit N Grind and lingered awkwardly over the franchise

Both of those things have to be considered wins, some relief in the settlement of a much-needed divorce.

Grade: A+ Emotionally, B+ overall

As mentioned, the Grizzlies pulled off a trade for the draft rights to Brandon Clarke, flipping Darius Bazley’s draft rights and a 2024 2nd-rounder. They also sent Delon Wright to the Mavericks, in a sign-and-trade for picks and Indian giant Satnam Singh’s draft rights.

Additionally, they shipped CJ Miles to the Washington Wizards for the Ghost of Dwight Howard; who per everybody’s sources is about to get the axe. Also gone is Avery Bradley, who was waived for cap purposes saving Memphis some $10 million.

Overall Grade: A-