Memphis Grizzlies: Grading NBA Offseason So Far

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Memphis Grizzlies
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Grizzlies Offseason

Overall, the Memphis Grizzlies’ early activity has been generally progressive and productive. Where the Chris Wallace regime spent money and mortgaged the team’s future, this summer has been about sustainability and growth.

Memphis currently sits with just under $121 million committed to 17 roster spots, meaning at least two (and probably many more) of their current players are goners. Dwight Howard is already reported dead weight; flipping the expiring Hill and Plumlee deals seems to be the plan as well.

So far, the front office has accomplished pretty much any realistic goal for their first month: they’ve traded their target players, saved money, gained flexibility, recovered draft equity, and broadened Memphis’ pool of current assets.

They didn’t rush-hire their new coach internally this time around. A well-thought process led to Bucks assistant Taylor Jenkins being picked. The longtime Mike Budenholzer assistant likely has absorbed lots from one of the NBA’s steadiest coaches.

Now the franchise can develop two stud prospects together for perhaps the first time ever. Their ceiling seems sky-high with competent management making forward-thinking moves, rather than blindly throwing money at their problems.

Keeping Delon Wright would have been nice, and Memphis likely hasn’t gotten a lottery pick back from this flurry of activity, but it’s hard to fault much at all about the offseason so far.

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With more transactions surely in the near future, Memphis Grizzlies fans can finally feel optimistic about the direction their team is taking. If the Cho & Grunwald era’s introduction has been any sign, more deals should only mean good things for this franchise.

Overall Grade: A-