Memphis Grizzlies: Pros and Cons of Keeping Andre Iguodala

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images /
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Pro: Veteran Wisdom

Memphis’ re-building roster is currently short on lots of things, but experience may be chief among them. Most of the team is in their 1st-3rd seasons, leaving plenty of uncertainty in terms of both on and off-court habits.

What few veterans dot the roster have little postseason experience. Jonas Valanciunas and Jae Crowder – seven-year veterans and staples of semi-deep playoff runs – are the most notable exceptions.

As a 15-year veteran and former Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala is a serious positive outlier on this roster. He’s seen just about everything the NBA can throw at a player, and has carved out a lengthy career as one of the league’s most respected veterans.

Such perspective and leadership is invaluable to a roster of impressionable youngsters, particularly in a high-stakes rebuild with assets like Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr in the fold. Iguodala could help steer the course of this franchise, instilling valuable habits in a roster that could otherwise seem lost and overwhelmed.

Amidst a team with a rookie head coach, and one of the NBA’s youngest rosters, Iggy’s potential impact as a veteran mentor is only amplified. Even a truncated stay in Memphis could reap huge benefits for the team’s future.