Memphis Grizzlies: Pros and Cons of Keeping Andre Iguodala

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images /
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Con: Roster Fit & Cap Space

It takes only cursory scrutiny to see how maligned the Memphis Grizzlies’ roster is at present. While wing players are a sought-after commodity in the current NBA landscape, the Grizzlies have hoarded them excessively this summer.

Depending on how you classify positions, there are currently seven or eight small forwards under contract for Memphis. This represents roughly half of the standard 15-man roster, and is clearly unsustainable.

Worse yet, there is relatively little pecking order established between these players. Little is known about which will fit best with this roster, and which could fetch the best returns when more trades are inevitably made.

Keeping Andre Iguodala does little to quell this logjam, which will only put Memphis further behind in sorting out this season’s rotation, and accurately appraising their current assets. While Iguodala doesn’t necessarily need floor time to showcase his value to other teams, gluing him to the bench would be a bad look.

It would also be financially irresponsible. At over $17 million due this season, Iguodala is Memphis’ highest-paid player, and they’re on the hook until he is traded. For a small-market team that hasn’t exactly been killing it financially, every contract counts.