Memphis Grizzlies: Pros and Cons of Keeping Andre Iguodala

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images /
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Pro: Asset Equity

If the Memphis Grizzlies had simply bought out Andre Iguodala, they would have merely saved the negotiated sum vs his guaranteed contract. By keeping him, they are ensuring to compound the pick they leveraged from Golden State by adding further assets.

It’s a shrewd decision given the NBA’s current climate. The race for the Larry O’Brien Trophy is perhaps as wide open right now as it’s been at any point over these last five years. Golden State’s semi-demise has left a glut of teams as true contenders, with nothing even close to a clear-cut favorite.

As such, Memphis is biding their time. The odds that a contender short on depth – the Sixers and Rockets immediately come to mind – will come knocking are pretty good. That way the Grizzlies, in the intermediate stages of a rebuild, can continue to repair their ravaged coffers of future assets.

Having so many potential suitors could create even more favorable scenarios for Memphis:

First off, it will create more diversity in terms of offers. Probability dictates that the Grizzlies are more likely to get an attractive offer if there are three or four interested parties than just one. Certain teams will have more to offer, provide better fits, or simply be more desperate.

That effect of pitting teams against each other could also drive up Iguodala’s price through a bidding war. Trade partners will not only be faced with increased demand, but imposing the opportunity cost of no Iguodala on a rival.

The trade market should be especially spicy this year, with an uber-tight title race and a lame free agency class next summer. By keeping Iguodala, Memphis ensures that expiring contracts aren’t all they’ll have to offer in the frenzy.