Who the Memphis Grizzlies want winning on Christmas Day

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Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies will once again have an off day on Christmas. But with a draft coming up that’s becoming more and more important, who are the teams Memphis wants to see coming out with a win?

The Memphis Grizzlies are just one of two teams (with the other being the Charlotte Hornets) who have never played a game on Christmas day. While this will give the players and organization a chance to spend time with their families, there’s almost certainly a little bit of bitterness at the fact that the organization has always had Christmas off.

As the Grizzlies get a time to relax, their TV sets are sure to be tuned into the spectacle that is the NBA on Christmas day, and just like the fans, they’re bound to have certain teams they want winning.

While the record of every other team in the West won’t matter to Memphis, who are trying to go for a #1 overall pick now, the draft standing of the other teams in the league are going to be important to the Grizzlies.

So, with five marquee matches happening on Christmas, who are the teams that Memphis want coming out with a win?

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