Memphis Grizzlies: Ranking the team’s recent trades

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Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies front office hasn’t been timid over the last few years. Which of their trades have been the best, and how have the trades aged?

Moving pieces around, and acquiring new players, is always a part of the rebuilding process. Normally, that’s the last step to building a new playoff team, but for the Memphis Grizzlies, they’ve built a playoff contender in just a few years through a few key trades.

As hard as it was for Grizzlies fans to watch players like Marc Gasol and Mike Conley leave, as the moves marked the end of the beloved Grit-‘N-Grind era, but the moves were inarguably a huge part in building the team that Memphis has now.

Whether it’s acquiring players who you know will fit perfectly in your system, or getting more draft picks while removing players who were hurting your team, a good front office can use trades to secure a long term future for the franchise.

Luckily for Grizzlies fans, the front offices over the last few years–although being entirely different–have both put the team on a better path with the moves they’ve made? But what trades were the best? What moves put the team in the best place to succeed?

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