What is the impact on the Memphis Grizzlies if the NBA season is over?

Memphis Grizzlies

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If the NBA season was to be canceled and not rescheduled, what would be the feelings around the Memphis Grizzlies organization? Could it be a blessing in disguise or a massive setback?

With 17 games remaining, the Memphis Grizzlies were sitting in eighth-place in the Western Conference and held a 3.5 game advantage over the ninth-place Portland Trail Blazers. So, barring a serious meltdown, it is safe to assume the 2019/2020 team was playoff bond for the first time since the 2016/2017 season.

However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has not given fans a clear indication when–or if–the season will resume after all play was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With a core group of young players like Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Brandon Clarke, the franchise looks to be on the rise and far exceeded the expectations of basketball experts this season.

So, how much of an effect will this stoppage in play have on the players and is it a good thing or a bad thing?

In my eyes, this is a momentum-killing, detrimental pause. Morant was not only the clear favorite to win Rookie of the Year, but he was on pace to be one of the best point guards in the league. He was the best player on the Grizzlies roster and was crucial in guiding them to a playoff spot.

After dazzling the league with his flashy passes, ability to score from every position on the floor, and great team chemistry, he is forced to sit at his house and wait for word that he can return to work and help the Grizz get back to being contenders.

To make matters worse, the blockbuster trade that brought Justice Winslow over from the Miami Heat has not really taken effect yet. The former Duke star was inactive in the month he was with the team and never had the chance to feature in a game! Not for a minute!

He was nearing his return from injury, and now, his rehab has changed drastically because of the pandemic. What happens next or when he will play his first game with the Grizz is a complete mystery!

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So, either way, if the season was to resume in June or if it were to be outright canceled, the Grizzlies will suffer and there is simply nothing they can do to correct it.