Grizzlies find positives in good performances after blowout loss to Suns

Ziaire Williams, Memphis Grizzlies (Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports)
Ziaire Williams, Memphis Grizzlies (Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports) /

There was not much good for the Memphis Grizzlies in their latest game, which featured the now-8-3 Phoenix Suns defending Western Conference champions. As weird as it feels to say that, it is even weirder to see how well they play.

However, that is the type of team they are now. The Phoenix Suns can make a good team like the Memphis Grizzlies, look like a bad team. Because honestly, I do not think the Grizzlies are a bad team. In fact, they are a good team, but they are not great.

This young Grizzlies team was still able to find some good, even though the bad loss to the Phoenix Suns.

The main question is, can they get great games from their role players on a consistent basis. We know that Ja Morant will always get him, and be the Grizzlies’ best player. However, what about the other guys?

While this game was not very close at all, and there really was not much good, I dove deep to see who else played great along with Ja Morant. But first, we must break down Morant’s game as well.

Notable Grizzlies Performances After Loss to Suns

Ja Morant, G:

Ja Morant is undoubtedly the best player on the team and might have an early case for MVP if you ask me. The things he is doing will blow your mind, and that’s what watching Grizzlies games has become now. Yes, they may win or lose, but you will always walk away in awe at something Morant did.

For me, it was not the 26 points and 12 rebounds for Morant in this one. However, it was more of the ability to pick up the pace when it seemed like the rest of the team wanted to quit. There was a play that caught my eye when Morant grabbed the rebound and went coast to coast for a dunk, and I haven’t stopped watching it yet. It is the little things.

Jaren Jackson Jr., F/C:

Most fans initially thought we may get to see Jackson Jr. at the five tonight for the Grizzlies, as the initial injury report stated that Steven Adams was dealing with an injury. However, the 6’11 forward did his thing at the four spots per usual.

There is one thing that bugged me about his performance, but I feel as if it needs to be given a pass, and that was his rebounding. Jaren Jackson Jr. only pulled down four rebounds, but when you look at the stat sheet again, the whole starting lineup had 35 rebounds.

The thing I did like though, was his ability to finish inside all night long. Whether it was from a dime from Morant or driving inside to the paint after a smooth behind-the-back dribble, Jackson was doing his thing for the Grizzlies.

Brandon Clarke, F:

Recently, Brandon Clarke was somewhat forced out of the rotation for the Grizzlies. However, when he got a chance to play against the Timberwolves a few games ago, he made the most of his opportunity. While he still isn’t getting much playing time, he is doing great things when he gets the chance.

In just 19 minutes against the Suns, Clarke finished with a +7, which most players had a minus considering the game was so out of reach most of the night. He also was able to score eight points and protect the rim a few times with two blocks. If Clarke gets more time he will be a difference-maker.

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Even in a bad loss, the Grizzlies have young players that step up to the plate and produce good games. It may not seem like it through a bad loss, but this team has an enormous amount of potential.