Memphis Grizzlies individual winners from loss to New Orleans

Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

Yet another game, the second in a row actually, where the game was not at all close, in the wrong way. Yes, the Memphis Grizzlies are in a slump, and this latest game against the Pelicans, who have a strong case for the league’s worst team, shows that.

While the game was not really close, the Grizzlies had some players that played very well, kind of like the last game against the Phoenix Suns. It is always good to look at the positives through a loss, especially with a team as young as the Grizzlies.

The Memphis Grizzlies have a young team, and recognizing the good in a loss like Saturday night is important

In this instance, only a few played well, others were not much help at all. Some who you would expect by now, and some you wouldn’t. These three players made an impact on the Grizzlies, even though it was not enough.

Three great performances from Grizzlies loss to Pelicans

Steven Adams, C:

The seven-foot center may have been the biggest winner from this last game. against Phoenix on Friday night, Steven Adams was one of my ‘losers’ as he played terribly. This game was a lot different.

Not only did he score much better this game with 15 points, but he also hauled in 9 rebounds, and protected the rim with 3 blocks. However, to me, the most important thing he showed was his ability to limit Jonas Valanciunas, who is averaging 20 points and nearly 14 rebounds a game.

Dillon Brooks, G/F:

For someone who has only played two games now, Dillon Brooks did not look like it last night. So far, he has not missed a step, defensively and offensively.

Against the New Orleans Pelicans, Brooks gave Brandon Ingram fits all night, and that is what he does. However, his scoring was what stood out, with 23 points in the game, he was able to score from everywhere.

Ja Morant, G:

We can start getting used to seeing his name on this list, as Ja Morant is the Grizzlies MVP. In the last two seasons, he would have games every now and then where he just didn’t show up. Now, if his scoring isn’t there, he is doing something else.

Of course, in this one Ja Morant did everything. After having 12 rebounds the game before, Morant finished one rebound shy of a triple-double. He found his teammates and scored the ball very efficiently. On Friday, Ja Morant had five turnovers. In this one, just one turnover.

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Ja Morant is getting better every game, and it is amazing to watch. However, it would be better if the team would win, but that is up to his teammates, not him.