Memphis Grizzlies: Justin Timberlake joins campaign to make Ja Morant an NBA All-Star

Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports)
Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports) /
Memphis Grizzlies minority owner Justin Timberlake
Memphis Grizzlies minority owner Justin Timberlake pictured with former NBA star Dwayne Wade. (Photo by Bobby Metelus/Getty Images) /

Memphis Grizzlies minority owner and pop superstar Justin Timberlake has joined the movement to send one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA to the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

Timberlake, a native of Memphis, is one of the most-followed people on Twitter. His current follower count sits at 63.3 million.

He’s decided to use his platform to recognize Ja Morant and his stellar play by pitching his massive following to vote for the third-year stud out of Murray State.

Justin Timberlake wants to see Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant in the 2022 ASG

The pop superstar has been absent on social media for over a month, but recent play for Morant forced him to break his silence.

JT had to make sure his tweet/vote counted, so he had to send out another post with the proper hashtags.

You can’t blame the guy too much, between recording music, filming movies and being involved in various other projects his time is probably fairly limited on social media.

Timberlake sent out multiple tweets urging everyone to vote Ja Morant as a starter for the 2022 All-Star Game. He included links to vote on the NBA app, the website and more.

He also tweeted highlights of Morant against the Lakers, including what many are calling the block of the year in the NBA.

Fans saw the 6’3″ point guard chase down Avery Bradley to not just block his shot, but catch the ball with two hands out of thin air before it made it’s downward trajectory in the hoop.

Morant has been absolutely spectacular this season and has helped propel the team to a record of 28-14, surpassing all expectations from fans, experts and insiders. The South Carolina native is averaging 24.7 ppg, 6.7 apg and 5.8 rpg so far this season for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Morant currently sits in third-place among Western Conference guards based on the first batch of NBA All-Star voting returns.

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You can vote for Ja Morant to be a starter in the All-Star Game by voting here.