Tyus Jones desires something the Memphis Grizzlies can’t give him

Memphis Grizzlies back-up point guard Tyus Jones has been an incredible luxury to have on the team this year and in years past.

The steady, guiding hand of Jones— a player that rarely turns the ball over (career average of 0.7 turnovers per game)— has filled in the gaps whenever superstar Ja Morant has gone down with an injury.

A young veteran such as Jones is incredibly invaluable and it’s a big reason why he’s going to be an in-demand as an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Tyus Jones may leave Memphis Grizzlies in free agency for starting role

Despite Grizzlies GM Zach Kleiman saying they have enough money to pay anyone they want to pay this offseason, the sense a lot of insiders are starting to feel is that Tyus Jones may not be back with the team next season.

Speculation has already begun, based on comments Jones said during his exit interview with the media yesterday at FedEx Forum.

Jones said that he wants to be a starting point guard.

That’s a problem if you’re a Grizzlies fan and love Tyus Jones. The 26-year-old back-up point guard will not be able to fulfil his desire to be a starter if he stays in Memphis.

Ja Morant is the team’s point guard. Desmond Bane is the starting shooting guard. Those two guys are as locked-in as you can be for a starting backcourt.

There’s simply no way Jones can be a starter on this team, which means he’s going to have to go elsewhere if he wants to be satisfy that itch to lead a team’s offense full-time.

That’s something that the Grizzlies just don’t have. It sounds like the team is just about willing and able to pay Jones whatever he wants. But, if the one thing he truly pines for is unattainable, what’s the point of him returning?

Jones has been incredibly dependable, efficient and seems like a great teammate. I hope there’s a way to keep him around, but based on what he wants and the Grizzlies starting five, I just don’t see any way he re-signs with the Grizzlies.

There will be no shortage of teams out there who are interested in a young veteran that doesn’t need to score a lot of points to be incredibly effective.