Memphis Grizzlies: 5 takeaways from first day of free agency

Tyus Jones, Memphis Grizzlies (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)
Tyus Jones, Memphis Grizzlies (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Memphis Grizzlies were making headlines left and right on the first day of NBA free agency— some good, some not so good.

The Grizzlies got some answers as to what will happen to two of their key free agents, rumors around the NBA suggested the Grizzlies could be a destination for a superstar talent, and fans got some not-so-great news about the current status of Jaren Jackson Jr.

Let’s dive right into the biggest takeaways from day one of free agency.

News broke that Memphis Grizzlies F Jaren Jackson Jr. is out up to 6 months

Learning in the opening moments of free agency that star forward Jaren Jackson Jr. has suffered a foot injury that required surgery was an incredibly difficult pill for fans to swallow.

Jackson has had his fair share of injuries throughout his young NBA career but managed to stay healthy virtually all season last year and saw a big leap forward in his defensive game.

The team released a statement informing fans that Jackson had surgery and the recovery time is expected to take 4-6 months. So, we’re looking at a possible Jaren Jackson return window to take place somewhere between the first week of November and sometime around January 2023.

How will the Grizzlies adapt with one of their best players slated to miss the first two months of the season? It’s going to be tough, but the Grizzlies won’t be short on options with a deep bench willing and able to step up in his absence.