Nike Memphis Grizzlies City Edition gear available now

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Memphis Grizzlies City Edition gear from Nike is now live at Fanatics. Act fast if you want to secure some new gear – because it’s selling fast.

Every year, basketball fans get hyped to see teases and leaks of new jerseys/uniforms for their favorite teams. It was no different this year and now we’ve officially seen Nike’s Memphis Grizzlies City Edition uniforms.

In fact, they’re available to order now at Fanatics. 

Memphis Grizzlies City Edition
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As you can see, these are great looking. For more on the design, check out this write up from NBA’s LockerVision:

“The 2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies City Edition uniform celebrates the legacy and future of Memphis Hip-Hop, the neighborhoods and people from which the Big Memphis sound flows from, and the fabric of Memphis today.

“Highlighted by chrome inspired detailing, diamond textures and Memphis’ unapologetic and unique style, the uniform serves as a tribute to the artists and albums that define Memphis hip-hop and its raw sound. The Memphis hatchet-shaped wordmark draws inspiration from local hip-hop album art and along with the number set incorporates a diamond texture outlined by a chrome inspired detailing while framing the word Grizzlies in the iconic Beale Street Blue. The right uniform panel and its asymmetry aligns with Memphis’ unique style and the current and throwback uniform systems dating back to the inaugural seasons in Memphis (2001) and Vancouver (1995).

“The “MG” pattern and underlying diamond texture form the jersey wordmark & number set pulled through this panel, the neck and left short leg trim, embodying the big style and swag of Memphis and the team.

“As with the asymmetrical uniform silhouette, the oversized bear icon on the short connects to the current and historical uniform systems. The chrome-inspired detailing highlighted on the bear head and trim throughout the uniform represents the hustle of Memphis artists, whether selling mixtape cassettes out of trunks or delivering Memphis sound to the world today. The stylized ‘M’ on the buckle, represents Memphis iconic ‘M-Bridge’ highlighted with the chrome detailing and diamond texture throughout the uniform. Just above the jersey tag, a Grizz grill along with ‘For The M’ is emblemized to represent the fierce pride Memphians rep for their music, their teams, and their city.”

The jerseys themselves are available now at Fanatics for $119.99.

However, if you’re not in the market for a new jersey, you’ve got some other options available. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, slides and more are all available now.

But you know the drill. These won’t last very long. They sell out incredibly quick and you don’t want to find yourself waiting for a restock.

So check out Fanatics today to order your new City Edition merchandise. 

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