Grizzlies should trade for the Nets Seth Curry immediately

Brooklyn Nets guard Seth Curry-Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Brooklyn Nets guard Seth Curry-Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports /

As the trade deadline approaches, time is running out for the Grizzlies to add players that could help them make a deep playoff run. One of the players that are rumored to be available is Nets guard Seth Curry. Here is why he should be a Grizzly as soon as possible.

As it stands, the Memphis Grizzlies are currently 5.5 games ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans for 1st place in the Southwestern Division, and 2.5 games back of the Denver Nuggets for first place in the Western Conference. Both the Nuggets and the Grizzlies have been going back and forth when it comes to whom sits atop the West for some time now. However, as the Grizzlies are currently on a four-game losing streak, the Nuggets have been able to create some desperation for first in the West. One glaring issue for the Memphis Grizzlies would obviously be the shooting from the arc. Luckily, there are some great perimeter shooters on the market. The player that most interests me though is Seth Curry.

Currently, Curry is shooting 42% from the three-point line while averaging about four attempts per game. Sure, he may somewhat of a liability defensively. However, the Grizzlies currently have a top-10 defense thanks to Dillon Brooks and Jaren Jackson Jr. I find it hard to believe that adding a sharpshooter like Curry would make a major impact on the defensive intensity of the team. The Grizzlies currently sit in 21st when it comes to three-point % in the league. That’s out of 30 teams by the way. Not good. You’d be hard-pressed to say adding Seth Curry wouldn’t bolster that ranking from the jump.

Adding Curry With Bane Creates More Space

Imagine this: Desmond Bane on one side of the court, with Seth Curry on the other, while Ja Morant races down the court after soaring through the sky for a rebound. The possibilities are endless, folks. I’d trust Curry or Bane with that shot anyway of the week. I’d also trust Ja to make the correct decision in passing to one of them on the wing or taking it to the rack himself, something we all know he can do better than anyone in the league. Also, let’s be honest, it would be pretty cool to have a Curry on the team when going against the Warriors in the playoffs if that were to happen right? Could you imagine Seth wearing a Grizz jersey and lighting up his older brother in Memphis? TOUGH. Sign me up.

Yes, Danny Green is returning, and hopefully, he can help with the shooting woes. Plus he is a capable defender. However, he’s 35 and coming off an ACL tear. I’d just say let’s keep all expectations to a realistic asking price, right? Curry can come in immediately for the Grizzlies, and make an impact on a team that’s shooting 33% from three in their last three games. Yikes. It’s something to consider, and hopefully, this front office that just can’t seem to miss will consider it.