3 most likely trade deadline scenarios for the Grizzlies

Zach Kleiman, Memphis Grizzlies GM (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Kleiman, Memphis Grizzlies GM (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Grizzlies are firmly in second place in the Western Conference as the NBA approaches its trade deadline. The Grizzlies have been building a very strong roster almost entirely through the draft, but is it now time to make a big mid-season addition?

The Grizzlies are reeling after their last-second loss to the Warriors Wednesday night. They have now dropped four straight games after their 11-game winning streak. Their struggles lately can be attributed to several factors, but there is no doubt that they need much better shooting. They were already a very average shooting team before their recent skid, but It’s been even worse during it. The expected return of forward Danny Green could be part of the solution, but he is 35 and coming off a major knee injury. Even if he can return to form, will that be enough to solve their issues?

As impressive of a job as Grizzlies’ top decision-maker Zach Kleiman has done building this roster organically, at some point he is going to need to make a few in-season moves to try and get the Grizzlies over the top. Is this the year he takes a big swing? Will he stand pat and hope they can right the ship? Will he just add to the back end of the roster? Let’s look at what is most likely to happen first.

Grizzlies are most likely to sit tight at deadline

Zach Kleiman has done an excellent job as the Grizzlies’ top executive since taking over fully in 2019. He kickstarted a new era of Grizzlies basketball with the trading of Mike Conley and the drafting of start point guard Ja Morant. Ever since he has focused on building the roster almost entirely through the draft and small free-agent additions. Only two players, Tyus Jones and Steven Adams, have gotten regular playing time this season and didn’t start their careers with Memphis. While that isn’t a bad thing by any means, it does show you that this front office is not a fan of taking chances on outside players.

That’s why it is very likely that the Grizzlies keep things basically the same as the trade deadline passes on Feb. 9. I don’t personally believe this team is so good that they shouldn’t make some moves, but they do have the benefit of the doubt due to all the injuries they have had. The front office knows how good they have been despite that and I assume they think all they need to do is get healthy. They may be right, but it’s definitely a risk.