Grizzlies trade news: Kevin Durant fallout, Mikal Bridges rumors

Phoenix Suns forward Mikal Bridges-Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns forward Mikal Bridges-Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

The NBA trade deadline went nuclear last night, with Kevin Durant to the Suns as the biggest deal. What does it mean for the Grizzlies?

The Grizzlies woke up this morning to yet another Western Conference foe making a gigantic splash on the trade market. Just a few days after star guard Kyrie Irving was sent to Dallas, the Nets fully embraced their blow-up by trading their best player. Kevin Durant and TJ Warren were sent to Brooklyn for Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas, Jae Crowder, four future first-round picks, and a 2028 pick swap. It’s one of, if not the, biggest deadline deals in NBA history, and puts the Suns back into potential Finals conversations.

Now that two teams who are just four games back of the Grizzlies have made franchise-altering moves, how do they respond? History suggests that they will choose to stand pat at the deadline, opting to let things play out this year. However, reports suggest that they are still sniffing around the market with just a few hours to go. One new name has surfaced as a target of theirs as well, all thanks to the Durant trade.

Grizzlies still interested in OG Anunoby, add Mikal Bridges to target list

The Grizzlies have been tied to OG Anunoby for weeks now, so rumors of them still talking to the Raptors is no surprise. We have covered all the reasons why the move would make sense here at Beale Street Bears, but the fact that the front office is still making calls is a good sign. If they were scared off by the Durant and Irving trades, I doubt these rumors would be still happening.

Not only are they still checking in on Anunoby, but a new wing player also has their attention after the Durant trade. Mikal Bridges was the best player the Nets got in return for Durant, but he may not be long for Brooklyn. His name continues to be brought up in trade talks, and one of the inquiring teams is supposedly the Grizzlies. It makes a lot of sense: both he and Anunoby fit the two-way wing type of player that the Grizzlies clearly want.

Bridges is slightly older but also better than Anunoby overall, and he is under contract for longer at a reasonable price. If the Grizzlies are willing to unload their picks for one of them, Bridges should be the guy. I don’t know if it will be enough to keep them near the top of the West, but it will certainly give them a much better chance in the playoffs. Either player is also young enough to be a core piece for years to come, so it wouldn’t be a championship-or-bust season this year. Will it happen? My guess is no, but I hope I’m wrong.