2 ex-Grizzlies primed for big seasons in 2023-24

Taylor Jenkins, Memphis Grizzlies (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports)
Taylor Jenkins, Memphis Grizzlies (Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports) /
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This past year has seen a tremendous amount of movement within and shakeups made to the talent pool of the Memphis Grizzlies.

From last year’s mid-season trade for Luke Kennard to the more recent signing of veteran guard Derrick Rose via free agency, GM Zach Kleiman and his staff have been quite a busy bunch over the past 365 days, especially during the nearly five months since the club’s postseason demise against the Los Angeles Lakers back in late April.

For the most part, the front office’s decision-making has been met with a tremendous amount of praise, and some analysts have even gone as far as to publicly state that Memphis is now ready to be included in the true title contender conversation for the 2023-24 campaign.

However, while these moves made certainly seem to have benefited Taylor Jenkins’ squad, in the execution process the franchise wound up parting ways with several assets and active players, some of whom proved to be rather vital components and contributors to their successes over the last few years.

Former Memphis Grizzlies players who could see big season outputs in 2023-24

Now residing in different zip codes, some of said individuals could find themselves gearing up for vastly different roles than they were accustomed to during their respective tenures with the Grizzlies.

While such a change could prove to be detrimental for a few, there are several who could end up benefiting as a result.

In particular, there are two former Grizzlies players who could go on to have big 2023-24 campaigns.