Grizzlies forward issues statement on difficulties from 2023-24 training camp

Memphis Grizzlies, David Roddy. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
Memphis Grizzlies, David Roddy. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports /

Training camps across the association have officially begun, and the Memphis Grizzlies have been hotly covered throughout this period due to the presence of Ja Morant, as it was just recently revealed he would be permitted to participate in team activities during his upcoming 25-game suspension.

According to players and other team personnel, practices to this point have been going well, with rising star Desmond Bane going as far as to suggest that head coach Taylor Jenkins has seemingly already “set the tone for the season” with his approach to camp.

However, despite these positives, during a post-practice interview sophomore David Roddy admitted that there are still some significant wrinkles that must be ironed out.

David Roddy points out difficulties from early training camp for Grizzlies

In a one-on-one with Grind City Media’s Kelcey Wright Johnson, asked what the “most difficult aspect of training camp” was thus far, the forward admitted that trying to get everyone on the same wavelength has been the biggest challenge.

"“I think it’s just getting guys on the right page. We have a lot of new guys and some returners as well and, again, it comes back to the communication part of bringing those guys in and trying to have a seamless transition,” Roddy said."

Roddy would continue on to note that the main objective right now is to get newcomers such as GG Jackson, Derrick Rose, and Marcus Smart to “transition seamlessly” to their new surroundings out in the 38103, and, in his eyes, “we’re doing a really good job at that.”

The 2022 first-round pick comes into his second season with the Grizzlies attached to some serious hopes of claiming a larger role within head coach Taylor Jenkins’ rotation, especially considering the depth at the small forward position has significantly weakened what with the departure of long-tenured starter Dillon Brooks this summer.

Already having impressed the coaching staff with his play during his rookie campaign and throughout this year’s Summer League, many are of the belief that Roddy could now build off his impressive flashes and, in turn, become a more consistent contributor within the Grizzlies’ scheme.