2024 NBA Mock Draft: Grizzlies add key piece in lottery, Pistons get future star

The Grizzlies select a high-upside forward in this mock draft.
2024 NBA Draft, Alex Sarr
2024 NBA Draft, Alex Sarr / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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21. Cleveland Cavaliers take Dalton Knecht

Knecht is an elite shooter, who showed flashes of dynamic scoring ability earlier this season. He is averaging 15.9 points in 27.7 minutes per game as the Volunteers have played a tough schedule. The 22-year-old should be ready to immediately slot into the rotation, but can he improve his defense enough to play a key role for a contender?

Knecht is 6’6 and nearly 200 pounds. He is not a hyper-athlete, but there is potential for him to improve. It is part of the reason he chose Tennessee. Head coach Rick Barnes is known for getting his players to buy in on defense and it has helped them tremendously. Can Knecht get that boost?

Dalton Knecht’s offensive game will make him a first-round draft pick. He must continue nailing his jumpers and scoring at a high clip if he wants to move up. The only way he drops out of the top 30 is a downturn in his shooting.

The Cleveland Cavaliers need wing help if they plan on building around Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen. Knecht could become a key floor spacer and shot-maker in the second unit as the Cavs attempt to compete for a championship. Getting someone NBA-ready with an elite skill is a find at this stage in the draft.