2024 NBA Mock Draft: Grizzlies add key piece in lottery, Pistons get future star

The Grizzlies select a high-upside forward in this mock draft.
2024 NBA Draft, Alex Sarr
2024 NBA Draft, Alex Sarr / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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25. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Clippers) choose Trevon Brazile

The Thunder can go anywhere with their third first-round pick in this mock draft. They have already selected a guard and a wing to add to their young core. Oklahoma City will likely trade at least one of these picks. If not, they should be focused on upside here.

Brazile’s number may not pop off the screen, but the 6’9 forward has a unique skill set. He can protect the rim and space the floor. The 20-year-old is shooting 38.6 percent from 3-point range this season and has made 36.8 percent of his 106 career attempts to go with 1.7 blocks each night.

Every NBA team wants a stretch big man who can protect the cup, but there are worries. He is averaging just 9.9 points and 0.6 assists in 28.7 minutes per game this season. Brazile needs time to develop. He must add strength, improve his basketball IQ, and add to his offensive game to become an NBA starter and key contributor.

The Thunder have time to wait. They would love to find a floor-spacing big man, who can be a weak side rim protector next to Chet Holmgren. Trevon Brazile won’t fill that role immediately, but Oklahoma City can develop talent and this could be the perfect match.