3 Unpopular trades Grizzlies should explore this summer

These are a few unpopular but potentially rewarding trades Memphis should consider making in the coming offseason.
Marcus Smart, Memphis Grizzlies
Marcus Smart, Memphis Grizzlies / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Gauge the market for Marcus Smart

It may seem downright foolish to even consider trading away the Grizzlies' prime addition of the 2023 offseason. Marcus Smart is a Defensive Player of the Year winner, an all-world defender and a total team player that has been to the playoffs numerous times and even has experience playing in the Finals. Keeping a player like that around would seem to be a no-brainer, no?

I am not arguing for Memphis to send Marcus packing no matter what, but simply to explore the trade market for him. The reality is that while Smart is extremely effective especially at the defensive end of the floor, the team may be better served getting a big return for him in the long run.

Last summer, the Celtics were able to acquire a first-round pick and a star player in Kristaps Porzingis (that has seriously boosted their ceiling this season) in exchange for Smart. It is reasonable to think that the Grizzlies could expect a similar return if they did decide to shop Marcus.

The upside of making this move would involve getting younger. Smart will be 31 next season, and while that is far from elderly, the front office may want to acquire talent that more closely fits the timeline of Ja Morant.