5 Grizzlies at risk of being traded this summer

Houston Rockets v Memphis Grizzlies
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3. John Konchar

John Konchar has been a prospect-level player for the Grizzlies for the last five years, which doesn’t bode well for his chances of remaining in Memphis beyond this season. Every roster spot matters.

And at a certain point, every player on your team needs to be able to contribute at a high level, if you’re really hoping to be a legitimate contender, especially in the Western Conference. Rookie players are the only exception to the rule.

Granted, Konchar doesn’t possess much trade value, as he doesn’t provide much spacing, due to his inability to shoot at a high clip. Hell, one would argue that he’d be off the Grizzlies’ roster right now if he had trade value.

His best attribute is hustle and rebounding (7.9 rebounds per 36 minutes), and he’s not much of a defender. His biggest value add is the $6.2 million annual figure, which would be thrown in to make a trade work mathematically.