5 Ways Grizzlies can use 9th pick to address severe weak point

Memphis will have a few options as to how they want to leverage their 9th overall pick in the 2024 draft.
Donovan Clingan
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Move back and draft Zach Edey

There are not a lot of great centers in this year's draft, but Zach Edey is certainly among the biggest names that will be selected. The starting big man for Purdue, Zach was one of the best players in the entire college basketball landscape this past season.

Winning the Wooden Award, the Naismith Award, the Associated Press Award and several others, Edey continued dominating as an intimidating presence in the paint this past season. He averaged an incredible 25.2 points and 12.2 rebounds, positively stunning numbers for the college level. However, there have been several questions about how he will translate to the professional ranks.

While some of those questions may be valid, it seems reasonable that Edey will not simply turn into a nobody in the NBA. Some have wanted to critique his shooting range and say he will be ineffective at the next level because of it, but that is a hard argument to take seriously when the league is still full of players like Ivica Zubac who thrive despite having no three-point shot.

Additionally, Edey showed off his outside shooting skill at the Draft Combine on Monday, knocking down three-pointers at a respectable clip. By all accounts, he is a solid center prospect, and the Grizzlies may want to consider trading into the late first round or early second to acquire him.