Grizzlies 'actively trying' to trade former lottery pick this offseason

The Memphis Grizzlies are "actively trying" to trade Ziaire Williams this offseason, according to Action Network's Matt Moore.
Memphis Grizzlies v Orlando Magic
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Outside of their draft day activity, the Memphis Grizzlies have been rather quiet thus far into the 2024 NBA Offseason. However, behind the scenes, it is being rumbled that the ball club is busy working the phone lines in search of a specific summer trade scenario.

According to Action Network's Matt Moore, Zach Kleiman and company have been "actively trying" to reconstruct their bench unit as they prepare for a resurgence season in 2024-25, and, per his sources, they've been looking into doing so while simultaneously shipping Ziaire Williams outbound.

Grizzlies 'actively trying' to trade Ziaire Williams to reshape bench depth

"The Grizzlies are actively trying to rework their bench with Ziaire Williams in several deals, other teams have said."

Matt Moore

Since being selected 10 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft, Williams has found himself consistently facing an uphill battle.

From being deemed a relative reach by the franchise, as many mocks and analysts had him going in the late first-round, to his incredibly inconsistent production and on-court availability since being scooped up in the lottery, after three seasons in the association the wing has unfortunately proven himself as nothing more as a project talent with potential that has yet to be recognized.

With his length and athleticism, Williams has managed to show flashes of brilliance throughout his tenure with the Grizzlies, though they have come far from a consistent rate, as he boasts pedestrian averages of 7.5 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists on 42.6 percent shooting from the floor and 30.1 percent shooting from deep.

Still only 22 years old and possessing the ability to realistically slot in anywhere from the two down to a small-ball four thanks to his 6-foot-9 frame, the former Stanford standout is a player who still could draw significant intrigue from ball clubs across the association, especially those that are committing to player development over the next few years (i.e., unlike the title-hungry Grizzlies).

There are quite a number of organizations that could be seen as ideal landing spots for Williams, though, the question that's likely on Memphis' mind when it comes to such a topic is what might they be able to get in exchange for his services.