Grizzlies analyst issues hot take on rookie forward GG Jackson

Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies
Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Memphis Grizzlies forward GG Jackson II has found himself on a roll as of late, dropping 20 or more points over his last two outings and was even named "Player of the Game" during the team's MLK Day triumph over their deep-rooted rival, the Golden State Warriors.

As a result of his impressive production, the rookie has endeared himself to Grind City fans and media pundits, receiving widespread attention and well-deserved praise over the last week of action.

Analyst Michael Wallace was seen discussing the league's youngest player during a recent appearance on The Gary Parrish Show and seemingly sang his praise like no other, going as far as to describe him as the best prospect the Grizzlies have had since the franchise-altering 2019 NBA Draft.

Grizzlies analyst drops hot take on rookie forward GG Jackson

"GG Jackson is the best-looking prospect the Grizzlies have had coming in from the draft since they got Ja Morant. This is a guy you picked late in the second round, a lot of teams gave up on him because they didn't think he was, A, mature enough in terms of how he was going to approach professional basketball and, B, they just didn't know what he was yet."

Michael Wallace on GG Jackson

Wallace would continue on to say that what impresses him the most about Jackson's game is his size, measuring in at around 6-foot-8, combined with his shooting abilities and "his desire to want to put the ball on the floor."

Outside of "the exception of Vince Williams Jr.," Wallace would make the grand statement of saying that Jackson is "already right now a better prospect than anybody the Grizzlies have brought in in the last two, three years."

Despite the fact that he's primarily been logging minutes in the G League with the affiliate team, the Memphis Hustle, when seeing 10 or more minutes of action with the varsity team the 19-year-old has managed to shine astronomically bright, boasting averages of 17.0 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks while shooting 62.1 percent from the floor and 60.0 percent from distance.

Though a rather small sample size, Memphis' two-way youngster has showcased an astonishing amount of upside that, with continual development and tutelage from the coaching staff, could wind up benefiting the franchise for the next several years to come.

As Wallace said, his talents are seemingly the best the Grizzlies have seen from a prospect since Morant came to the 38103 five years ago.