2 realistic landing spots for top Grizzlies trade candidates

Utah Jazz v Memphis Grizzlies
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Through just over a month of action during the 2022-23 campaign, the Memphis Grizzlies have undoubtedly established themselves as one of, if not the most disappointing teams in the entire association.

Fresh off their second consecutive Southwest Division title and 50+ win season, Taylor Jenkins' squad came into the year tabbed as a legitimate title contender and a popular pick to once again finish as a top seed in the conference standings.

However, through 17 games played, Memphis has struggled mightily, boasting a putrid record of 4-13 and has been on the losing side of four of their last five outings.

Interestingly enough, even with this lackluster brand of production the Grizzlies are still unanimously viewed as a talented group of ballers, with Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson, and, once he returns from his 25-game suspension, Ja Morant all serving as headline talents.

That said, the roster has plenty of other quality players in their midst and, just recently, the folks at HoopsHype tabbed both Luke Kennard and John Konchar as the club's top trade targets.

Realistic landing spots for Grizzlies wings Luke Kennard, John Konchar

Though by no means superstars in the association, both wings are talents that would warrant a considerable amount of interest in the event that they were shopped on the trade market and, per Michael Scotto, this is currently the case as he reported in the piece that "rival teams are keeping an eye" on their availability.

While there are no clear signs that would indicate the Grizzlies are even interested in parting ways with either of these players any time soon, should they ever be traded there are a couple destinations that each could realistically find themselves heading to.