Ex-Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks called out by Rockets big: 'This ain't Memphis'

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

Former Memphis Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks is having himself a solid debut season with his new club, the Houston Rockets, as he's serving as a legitimate difference-maker as they eye a Play-In Tournament berth.

However, despite his location change, many of his antics have followed him down to Space City, one of which being his controversial, albeit sometimes enviable combative nature on the hardwood.

Recently, such a trait was on full display during Houston's Thursday night bout against the Chicago Bulls, as Brooks became physical with All-Star forward DeMar DeRozan following an uncharacteristic foul executed by the latter.

The exchange resulted in the two being tossed from the contest mid-way through what was a tightly contested third quarter of play and, though the Rockets managed to pull out the much-needed win, his ejection was something that seemed to leave a sour taste in one of his teammate's mouths.

Ex-Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks called out by teammate for ejection

During a post-game interview, third-year center Jock Landale playfully called out Brooks for his ejection from the contest, saying "This ain't Memphis" and that the Rockets "need that physicality" that he brings with his style of play.

Though it's a bit hard to decipher exactly what Landale meant by name-dropping the Grizzlies, perhaps it was him acknowledging that this Rockets team isn't the star-studded squad Brooks found himself a part of in years past and, in turn, his availability within the rotation is more vital for Houston's success, especially with their recent string of injuries.

Despite his early exit, Brooks still managed to have himself quite a nice showing, as he finished the night off with 23 points, 2 rebounds, and an assist while shooting 76.9 percent from the floor and 50.0 percent from deep.