Draymond Green had sights set on joining Grizzlies before Klay Thompson exit

Draymond Green admits he had his sights set on signing with the Memphis Grizzlies during the 2023 offseason before specific talk with Warriors teammates.
Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies
Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Over the last several years, the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors have developed something of a rivalry between one another, something that was particularly sparked during their hard-fought, six-game semifinal bout a few years back.

From on-court tussles to online smack talk, since their heated 2022 postseason face-off, the two organizations have had quite a few notable happenings take place that have caught the attention of fans and pundits alike.

However, none of these examples may be as attention-grabbing as Dubs star Draymond Green's latest comments regarding his past interest in actually becoming a member of the Grizzlies, as he revealed during a recent episode of The Draymond Green Show that he had strong intentions of heading Grind City bound just last summer.

Draymond Green admits he wanted to sign with Grizzlies last summer

While talking about Klay Thompson's departure from the Warriors this offseason, as he signed a three-year, $50 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks, the four-time All-Star and NBA Champion recounted how, during last year's free agency period, he, himself, intended to part ways with the dynastic franchise and, surprisingly, wanted to head to Memphis to team up with the rising Grizzlies.

"Last year during free agency, I called Klay and I called Steph... and Steve [Kerr] and I was just telling them, like, 'Yo I'm leaving, I'm going to Memphis.' I remember that call with them, cause I was gonna leave... and [my wife said] 'It's reminding me of when we were in Paris and you were calling them.'"

Draymond Green on Klay Thompson leaving

Of course, in the end, the veteran big man ended up re-upping with the Warriors on a lucrative 4 year, $100 million deal, but, based on his comments, it seems that he had serious interest in joining Memphis' core.

Despite Green's antics and poor relationship with Grizzlies fans, interestingly enough, over the years he has been quite complimentary and positive when speaking on the team's players and personel.

From hyping up superstar Ja Morant's drive and toughness, saying he "ain't backing down from nobody" during a previous episode of his podcast, to his high praise of youngsters like GG Jackson and Vince Williams Jr. from this past season, even with the animosity he has shown toward the franchise during their games played, perhaps some of it has been a bit tongue-and-cheek.