5 exciting sleeper prospects Grizzlies could snatch up in 2024 NBA Draft

There are several under-the-radar prospects the Memphis Grizzlies should strongly consider pursuing in this week's NBA Draft.
2022 NBA Draft
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Kel'El Ware

When looking at the needs of this team heading into the offseason, the obvious choice would seem to be residing within their frontcourt, as they no longer have a defacto starting center decided upon. Because of this, there's a present opportunity to pick up someone brand new to fill such a void.

Enter Kel'el Ware, who's a sound shot-maker and paint present center at the age of 20 who could potentially stack up quite nicely next to Grizzlies frontcourt pillar and former DPOY Jaren Jackson Jr.

The potential for drafting Ware comes two-folded, as he provides both an offensive threat as a player with nifty footwork and dexterity, and boasts the potential to serve as an intimidating paint protector to add to an already fearsome defensive force.

With a fair amount of uncertainty as to how the NBA Draft will potentially unfold, it's not unreasonable to think that Ware could very well be scooped up by another team even before Memphis steps up to the board.

However, depending on how the initial picks play out, and how the Grizzlies may choose to address the center position in the offseason, Ware acts as an excellent option to flourish alongside this young frontcourt that already features immense upside.

Naturally, there's no guarantee that Ware will be in a potential starting lineup, but even the thought of having a player of his caliber coming off the bench should be encouraging enough for Memphis to take a swing on him.