5 exciting sleeper prospects Grizzlies could snatch up in 2024 NBA Draft

There are several under-the-radar prospects the Memphis Grizzlies should strongly consider pursuing in this week's NBA Draft.
2022 NBA Draft
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Zach Edey

Perhaps one of the most perplexing players to potentially mock draft, Zach Edey will be coming off a season that was nothing short of astounding despite the 22-year-old coming up short during the hopeful championship campaign this past college season.

Measuring in at a ridiculous 7-foot-4, Zach Edey would be an obvious target for just about any team in need of a center, as he's a titanic big who can absolutely wreck the paint and provide an intense level of interior defense even among his peers.

Where the hype around Edey begins to shuffle is just how viable a player of his size and stature can be -- will he be prepared to refine his skillset as well as his physique to properly tackle the infamously arduous 82-game season?

With these worries aside, the potential upside with superstar point guard Ja Morant in tandem is nothing short of highlight reel worthy.

While draft concerns as to his potential durability, mobility, and speed on the court may deter teams from investing in him, the potential upside for the All-Defensive center could skyrocket a team's potential out beyond the stratosphere.

While Edey is still a talent that needs a fair amount of refinement, a careful and steady hand guided by coach Taylor Jenkins and the conditioning staff combined with uplifting from teammates can propel the former Purdue big man into the upper echelon of dominance.

In drafting a player such as Edey, there exists the possibility to either bring him off the bench or work with the starting unit, the latter of which already boasts excellent spacing with rim runners and high-proficiency shooters.

Beyond this, there's obvious hope that a player such as Jaren Jackson Jr., who has been making strides of his own in recent years, can help accelerate his ascension with Edey finding his footing in the league.