5 exciting sleeper prospects Grizzlies could snatch up in 2024 NBA Draft

There are several under-the-radar prospects the Memphis Grizzlies should strongly consider pursuing in this week's NBA Draft.
2022 NBA Draft
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DaRon Holmes II

Rounding out the potential dark horse picks for the Grizzlies is DaRon Holmes, a former frontcourt player who spent three seasons playing for Dayton and logged an impressive 102 games in total.

The 21-year-old comes in at 6-foot-10 and has set himself apart from his peers as yet another big man who adds multiple dimensions to his game beyond a traditional rim threat and paint protector.

Holmes, who is currently projected to be drafted late in the first round, adds a two-way skillset to any team he joins, as his college career highlighted both his defensive prowess and awareness as well as his naturally soft touch with the ball which can be hard to find in big men.

With the number of available frontcourt players this draft, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to stand out and best assert themselves toward the top of the totem pole, but Holmes has the tape to back up any kind of pre-draft hype.

Adding a player such as Holmes serves both as a reinforcement for a potential Grizzlies bench unit which already features staples such as GG Jackson and Derrick Rose to best accelerate the growth and fit of a newly drafted player.

In the end, a sizeable portion of the Grizzlies draft choice will come down to how much they choose to invest in a potential bench unit, whether or not they opt to sign a regular center to play alongside Jaren Jackson Jr., and how much they'd be willing to spend in free agency.