Grade the Trade: Grizzlies double down on defense in new proposal for 26-year-old big

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With the fanfare and hype surrounding the NBA Finals due to finish soon, many teams will look into their offseason itinerary to best prepare for their next campaign in the 2023-2024 season. The upcoming slew of trades, free agency signings, and roster cuts will inevitably shake up the league's landscape, and, in one way or another, the Memphis Grizzlies must be involved.

After missing the postseason entirely, Taylor Jenkins' squad will look to turn a keen eye toward potential roster changes in an attempt at once again rising the ranks out in the Western Conference standings.

After dealing away Steven Adams during this season's trade deadline, the Grizzlies have a new dilemma in the form of how they plan to approach their starting unit.

Will Jaren Jackson Jr. play the primary center role? Perhaps the club brings in someone new to play alongside him in a "double big" lineup?

With multiple centers available on the impending trade block, Memphis could feasibly choose to go all in defensively and add another imposing piece to work alongside two of the three most recent Defensive Player of the Year Award winners in Trip-J and veteran guard Marcus Smart.

Recent trade idea has Grizzlies swing on former All-Defensive center

Although the Grizzlies will be looking to upgrade in the offseason, Zach Kleiman and company will have challenges ahead as they attempt to improve without giving up too many assets in the process.

With plenty of players potentially being dealt this summer, including another defensive-minded center, it's more reasonable to extrapolate that Memphis may go after a target with a potentially less strenuous price tag.

Stacking the team even further defensively can aid in contending with the intense offensive engines across the league. Combined with careful scheming from the coaching staff to be implemented, the Grizzlies could look to secure themselves as one of the league's top defenses if they pursue an exchange with a particular conference rival.