Grizzlies reporter dishes on 'ideal situation' for Luke Kennard this offseason

Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies
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This offseason, the Memphis Grizzlies find themselves with a $14.7 million decision to make in the form of Luke Kennard's fourth-year player option.

Considering they currently own the eighth-highest payroll heading into 2024-25 and are pushing up on the luxury tax and first-apron, to many the concept of Zach Kleiman and company trading the veteran sniper this offseason is something that should easily be in the cards.

However, during a recent episode of Locked on Grizzlies, host and team beat reporter Damichael Cole suggested an alternative route that, in his eyes, would be the "ideal" scenario for both Memphis and Kennard.

Memphis Grizzlies urged to sign Luke Kennard to altered deal

"The ideal situation for the Grizzlies would be to bring [Kennard] back on a new deal. He's on a $14.7 million team option. The ideal situation is, ok, decline the team option. sign a two-year deal [for] $20 million, $10 million a year. Three-years, $30 million. Now you got more long-term security and the Grizzlies get the less annual value per year. I think that makes sense for both situations."

Damichael Cole

Cole would follow this concept up by revealing that, though he believes this course of action to be a sound option for both parties to take, in his eyes, "Luke Kennard has more leverage" because "the Grizzlies are coveting shooting this summer" and, being they are coming off a season where they shot a putrid 34.6 percent from distance, the beat writer declares that "the Grizzlies need him."

Because of this, the 27-year-old could, in theory, reject the notion of giving up over $4 million on his next year salary and bet on himself landing a larger-scale contract elsewhere once he is expected to hit the open market in the summer of 2025.

However, even if he shies away from renegotiating his salary, it may still be in Memphis' best interest to keep him around.

One of the greatest long-range shooters in league history, Kennard boasts a 43.9 percent three-point percentage throughout his seven-year tenure in the association and, since joining the Grizzlies two seasons ago, this clip has only skyrocketed to a whopping 48.3 percent on 6.0 attempts per game.

With how superstar Ja Morant likes to drive the lane and considering the way the modern-day NBA is predicated on floor spacing, the second-worst three-point shooting team from last season in Memphis should be very open to bringing back the guard on a team-friendly deal.

The only question is, would Kennard be open to a financial re-work?