3 key Grizzlies storylines to monitor heading into second half of season

Milwaukee Bucks v Memphis Grizzlies
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With the NBA All-Star break now officially in the rearview, the Memphis Grizzlies find themselves prepping for their final 26-game stretch run of the 2023-24 campaign.

Currently seven wins behind the 10-seeded Golden State Warriors with a record of 20-36, it should go without saying that the team's Play-In Tournament chances, let alone postseason aspirations, are as close to nonexistent as it can get.

That said, this does not mean that these final few months aren't worthy of garnering attention from the media and, more importantly, the franchise's faithful followers.

Key Grizzlies storylines to monitor over final few months of season

When looking at the state of this year's Grizzlies team, though by no means a contender, there are still plenty of reasons why fans should tune in on a nightly basis.

Now, heading into this second half of the season, there are a few specific storylines that onlookers should be monitoring.

3. How will the Grizzlies utilize the rest of their G League talents?

With the amount of injuries and overall crushing absences this Grizzlies team has endured throughout the year, GM Zach Kleiman has been forced to pluck up players from the G League to log minutes within Taylor Jenkins' rotation and, on some occasions, to simply stave off penalties for not having enough active participants on the roster -- Yes, its been that bad!

Fortunately, in doing so, there have been several success stories that have come about (more on those in a bit), and, at the end of the day, it has allowed aspiring NBA athletes to receive meaningful experience at the varsity level that, under normal circumstances, they likely would have never come across.

With that being said, for the players who have not already seen their contracts be converted to full-scale deals, their time seeing action with the Grizzlies is severely limited, with some such as two-way guard Jacob Gillyard inching closer and closer to their game limits.

Along with Gilyard, Scotty Pippen Jr. and Trey Jemison are also inked to two-way deals, which allows players to be active for up to 50 games in a season.

With just 26 games remaining on the schedule, it'll be interesting to see how Memphis will opt to utilize the remaining days of eligibility for their developmental crop of ballers.