3 key Grizzlies storylines to monitor heading into second half of season

Milwaukee Bucks v Memphis Grizzlies
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1. The potential return of core Grizzlies players

Perhaps the only positive that has come from the team's plethora of health-related issues this season is that it has provided youngsters with highly valuable opportunities to log consistent playing time at the NBA level.

Without such a situation, it's very likely that both GG Jackson and Vince Williams Jr. would still be on two-way deals and, as a result, the Grizzlies would still have a serious conundrum on their hands when it comes to the future state of their wing position.

With only a couple of months remaining between now and the official end to this polarizing gap year, it is likely the belief of many that Memphis should continue to emphasize development and shelling out ample minutes to some of their more intriguing prospects as they search for other hidden gems.

Interestingly enough, the only real roadblock to this plan may be the impending return of their core talents in Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane, Brandon Clarke, and Marcus Smart.

All three have consistently missed time throughout the season, with the latter three having been shelved for months, though have all been deemed to have non-season-ending ailments.

As Mark Giannotto of The Commercial Appeal recently argued, considering this post-All-Star break stretch is a "mostly meaningless endeavor," it may be rather strategic to find a way to keep their core talents sidelined, for not only could it provide younger players with more opportunities within the rotation but it could help prevent them from sustaining any further injuries and, simultaneously, lead the club to a more enviable pick come this June's draft.

Over this second half of the season, it'll be fun to see what the Grizzlies plan to do with their star talents who, according to recent rumblings, could soon be eligible to make their return to action.